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Come Ski with us & learn from the best.

Our sixty metre dry slope is open year round. It has an electric tow and has been designed for beginners with a large run out area. One hour will give you enough control to negotiate your first slalom course!

Avoid the queues and get a solid start on our easy slope.

Our Instructors are accredited by BASI and operate using their guidance. Our Instructors also follow the snowsport awards scheme. The concept of the awards is to try to encourage snowsport participants to explore movements, sensations, terrain and sliding equipment safely, whilst having a lot of fun developing the skills and independence which will help them really enjoy snowsports all over the mountain. There are nine levels in the scheme, plus two levels for the 5s and under (called the fun awards). These awards aim to give our clients greater incentives to come back and make progress, especially at the intermediate phase. Using the awards we can help our clients to enjoy all this safely and in a fun and exciting way. It is up to us our snowsport instructors to be at the forefront of these movements. Our instructors aim to be open to new ideas, experimental with their own performance excited and enthusiastic about what they do.

We use the scheme to encourage children and adults; to help them to realise their goals and potential, whether they take a week a year in the mountains or want to compete in the Olympics.

Always look for the BASI kite mark as this is your guarantee to a good lesson what ever slope and ski school you go to we all teach the same way!

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This voucher is for Lochinsh, Kincraig

Advance booking necessary and is subject to availability on the day.

Please call us on Tel: 01540 651 272.

Kindly notify us at time of booking that this voucher is to be used, and present it to a member of staff on arrival.

This voucher is non-refundable and no refund is available for part-use.

Min Age: 8 years (4 years if taking a private lesson)

Equipment Provided: All equipment including Skiis, Boots and Sticks, Helmet and Gloves if required .

Participants to take: Long-sleeved top, Long trousers. Long Socks. Bring your own ski gear if you wish - we will teach you using your own kit!

Experience: No experience necessary.

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